Double Consciousness


Role: Interactive Installation, User Experience Design, Programming,
Tools Used: Processing, Adobe Illustrator, Processing, Mirrors, Monitor

Concept Video



My intention is for people to be more aware of the realities behind how the color of their skin reflects the implicit biasses that people and systems place on each other.


This was an emotional process. 

I started with wanting to create a VR experience that shows the different angles of a protest, in order to show how a black individual living in America needs to understand how others might perceive them. Having it be a VR experience would make people feel the anxiety, fear, confusion, and assumption made on both sides of a protest. 

With feedback that, idea crashed and burned. Then finding solace in my Fine Arts and Art History background, I thought to turn this into an installation. 

With the installation idea, I knew I wanted to implement mirrors because mirrors are an object that shows you who you are without judgment.

You first approach the mirrors on the wall and look at yourself. 

You then go behind the monitor and place your hands in front of the camera. The screen in front of you asks the question, "Living in America is my life in danger?" 

Once the surveillance system collects and determines the result of your skin color, the screen will then navigate you to a web page that proves why you are either, 'Unsafe' | 'Good to Stay' | 'Nah Your Safe' | through data.




I went on to prototype the technology side of the experience. Knowing that I wanted a surveillance piece to this installation I started working with: ml5, javascript, Openframeworks, Unity.

User Testing​




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