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Pre:G is a sports trivia game app that utilizes machine learning, video streaming, and betting to further enhance the pregame community and excitement around sports.     


Role: Market Research, Ideation, Prototyping
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, 'The Startup Owners Manual', Udacity, 
Companies: NYC Media Lab, Verizon, Yahoo Sports


Summer 2018 I was selected as one of four teams awarded $5,000 to participate in the 8-week NYC Media Lab Sports/Media/Tech Startup Bootcamp. Created and pitched a startup company to encourage and support customer discovery and market validation. 

My teammate Barsha and I created a new experience for sports fans that utilize both the excitement that happens before the games and the much  anticipated release of the 5G network.


Build or expand entrepreneurial concepts across 5G and emerging media topic areas:


How can 5G and an Intelligent Edge network enable more compelling and meaningful e-sports experiences for gamers and fans?






The mobile phone has been dominating the tech industry



Collaborative App games are a hit, for example: Words w/ friends, HQ Trivia is a phenomenon, Pokemon Go, and Video is exploding.



Collaborative mobile games have been highly popular.



What if you take short edited sports videos combine it with trivia and create a way for families and friends who are separated from each other, to engage around sports content on Game day?

Questionnaire 1


Results from questionnaire 1

Key Takeaways

Most people went to games for entertainment


Everyone uses google

Jumbotron is enough information

Look up information in rare cases

Athletes have little impact on their purchases. Qualities like: price, quality/durability, and athlete popularity played a main role in the purchasing of team gear.


Barsha and I conducted over eighty interviews in an 8 week period. We started this process by creating a questionnaire that we handed to people within our network. With this questionnaire we were trying to get a sense of how sports fans get their information and where they watch games.

Questionnaire 2


Key Takeaways

Questionnaire 3

Not many people are serious sports fans. Those we talked with become fans for the community element and comradery.


Key Takeaways

We changed our tactic and ditched the questionare. We went to the spaces where we knew sports fans would be. During the World Cup we went to various sports bars venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn during certain matches to conduct more interviews. While in these spaces before the game, we would ask simple questions.

A feeling of Pre-Game excitement and anticipation was always there before a game. Fans tend to congregate to the same spaces. Park Slope, Brooklyn has bars that are famous for hosting European sports fans. While Columbian soccer fans can be seen in Jackson Heights, Queens. By mapping these patterns of where sports fans go before kick off, we thought it best to utilize the mobile device for our experience.

Prototype 1

Pre:G is a sports trivia game app that happens right before major sport events.







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