Role: Wearable tech, User Experience Design, Programming, Fabrication, Interaction Design, Product Design

Tools: Physical Computing, HTML | CSS | Javascript

Travelers move through foreign cities in predictable ways. This predictability reduces the chances of them to both support the local businesses and experience authentic interactions with locals.



Currently,  every major city has its tourist spots. These spots are specifically groomed and readied for the visitor. These spaces are made with the tourists in mind rather than the locals in mind. Cities have become curated with the tourist in mind thus providing an unauthentic and unethical experience for the traveler. This realization inspired me to pursue creating an experience that is ethical, spontaneous for the traveler, and beneficial to the local community.


ROAM currently intervenes within the Harlem community in New York City.



Ethical travel is both a state of mind and action that promotes respect, awareness and financial support towards the native culture and locals.

Concept Video

Using an earlier prototype, this video shows how a user might find ROAM and initiate it.

ROAM Mobile



I started with simple paper prototypes to get a better understanding of the overall user experience. Once tech was involved the form of the wearable adjusted to accommodate the technical components.