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Main Questions:

What form of navigation do you use when you travel?

Are you a  planner?

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International travels





The amount of which she plans depends on whom she's traveling with.


Studies guide books prior to the trip


Once comfortable in that space she will deviate from the plans and begin to wander around.




International travels


Not a planner. Usually with people who do the planning


When alone he will wander around the area


One time he was wandering and found a coffee shop. Every day after that during his trip he would go to this coffee shop. This made the neighborhood feel homier.




Domestic travels


Commutes a lot from DC -> NYC


Exhausting when there are hundreds of people doing the same commute


Iphone maps

Yes Planner!






I definitely do my research and plan before my travels.

What is the difference between routine vs plan?

Travel = Inevitable stress

Key Takeaways

What is the difference between a routine and a plan?


Do expectations cause people to plan?


How can some wander and feel comfortable in a foreign space?



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