Prototypes + User Testing


I took a map of Philadelphia and put in inside of a bag. This plastic bag acts as an overlay of information. This information that goes over the map has markings on it that represent my favorite places and restaurants in Philadelphia. I am a local to Philadelphia, so some the places marked, are places that not many travelers go to.


This is her first time exploring Philadelphia. So I gave her my version of the map. For 3 days she used the map, and it directed her to parts of the city she would've never thought existed.

Key Takeaways


A cool way to see the city!

Hand got really cold when holding the map


The map was a bit cumbersome



Main Question:

How would you feel if some unknown force was telling you where to go?

Research Method 

Body Storming



2 person experience. One person would direct the other person based on the card they had in their hand. The person being guided doesn't know where they are giong.


If I had headphones in and someone was directing me it would be creepy.

Key Takeaways

Users voiced that it would be hard to trust a device that's leading them to an unknown destination.


Maybe if they could put in parameters for where they can go then they would feel safer.



For this prototype, I wanted to see if I could actually make something that picks up one's geolocation.


I created this fabric navigation piece that identifies the current location and provides haptic feedback.


The device was able to pick up the current location, but the raspberry pi approach added too much weight to it.

The Experience


Holding the fabric a person would start walking and then move in the direction of the haptic feedback.


Visiting NYC for a couple of days. Jon and I explored the Chelsea area and body stormed this experience.



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