Role: User Experience Design, Visual Design, User Research

Tools: Sketch, Paper, Invision, Adobe Illustrator


There was no digital space where people could collect general information about the TrustBlackWomen initiative. 


User Flow



Post feedback session, I switched the purple to gold and darkened the blue. The gold represents the value of black women and how we shine like gold when given the opportunity.

After presenting this color palette, I received feedback that the purple was not bold enough for the initiative. The team wanted the colors to be more audacious, fearless, and royal. 


In regards to the logo, the founders' did not want the emphasis to be on the '#' but more so on the words themselves.

These are early stage sketches, that allowed me to get all of my ideas out on paper.  With every branding project, I do rapid prototyping sketches. This exercise/practice help lead to a cohesive logo design in the end.