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Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3


I was in charge of research recruiting, setup, and synthesis for our 5 person team. Figma and dScout were the go-to platforms.

The archetypes that resulted from phase one helped to inform the structure and design of the survey. I collaborated with my Data Scientist colleague on the survey creation and synthesis.

I designed stories and built out the arv/vr concept and helped develop the narratives around the three concepts that we delivered.


Qualitative Chats


Diary Study Participants

Survey Responses


In order to start a relationship with shoppers we needed to truly understand them. Each concept was deeply rooted in the shopper archetypes that were discovered post our integrated research efforts.
There are moments when the qualitative and quantitative approaches to research converge and diverge. Using quantitative approaches to validate archetypes is tricky because archetypes themselves never truly reflect the vast diversity of human behaviors.  
Archetypes force behaviors into these contrived boxes. It would've been better to use quantitative more in the discovery phase rather than the validation phase.

Next Project

Exploring B2C

Using a mixed-methods research approach, my team was able to reveal key research learnings that would help inform our client's strategic approaches to entering the B2C market.


Spring 2022


Senior Design Researcher

How might we create a direct relationship with shoppers while maintaining strong relationships with our current set of merchants and looking to attract future retailers to their platform?  ​

The Design Challenge
The Process

Phase 1 - Qualitative Research: Defining the Audience

Phase 2 - Quantitative Research: Prototyping

Phase 3 - Develop the Key Experiences

Defined shopper archetypes and 3 concepts that encompass the look, feel, and experience of consumer offerings. 

The Deliverable(s)
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